The Best Bath Bomb Recipe, Ever!

Bold statement hey?

I am confident that you will agree once you try them for yourself.  I don’t have a secret recipe. I  watched a lot of tutorials on You Tube and started with a basic recipe of 1 part citric acid, 2 parts bicarbonate of soda. I used witch hazel to help get the right consistency of wet sand, along with a little almond oil and my EO or FO.

Most people agree that witch hazel is better than water because it doesn’t cause the citric acid and bicarb to fizz prematurely. We only want that to happen in the bath. How disappointing is it, when the bath bomb is actually a bath plop. Drop in the water and…. Nothing.

I always test one from a batch but I want to know that I didn’t just waste a lot of time and expensive ingredients ahead of testing one. I want to be sure that I am getting it right every time. I want consistent results.

The Liquid Free Method

The solution is very simple. Don’t use anything that will cause fizz during the production of the bath bombs.

So, no liquid colours, or powders that need to be mixed in water. That includes food coloring. I’m not sure why people use food coloring anyway. The colours aren’t bright or long lasting and they aren’t particularly cheap. I like to use mica or lake colors in their powder form directly into the dry ingredients.

No water or witch hazel. I use a combination of Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Coconut Oil and Sweet Almond Oil as my wet ingredients. Along with my essential oils or fragrance oils, I get the perfect texture every time. No accidental volcanos. No bath bombs that ooze out of the mold because they are too wet  and no ruined batches.

The Result

The result is a super luxurious Bath Bomb. So moisturizing and decadent that they deserve a title all of their own. The Butter Bomb is born!


Aphrodite Butter Bombs

Butter Bomb Recipe Aphrodite

1 cup citric acid.

2 cups bicarbonate of soda

1/2 cup pink clay (you can use cornstarch if you prefer or skip this altogether)

1/2 cup cocoa, shea, mango butter, coconut oil. (You can use all or a combination of the  butters or just one butter at 75% and 25% coconut oil. If you use no butter and all coconut oil it still works but you shouldn’t call it a Butter Bomb)

Teaspoon of pink mica powder

Sweet Almond Oil

Fragrance Oils I use in this one are Jasmine and Indian Poppy.

Dried Jasmine Flowers to decorate.

Mix up all your dry ingredients (except Jasmine flowers) ensuring there are no clumps. Clumps don’t look pretty in the finished product. They don’t colour so you get white speckles.

Next comes your fragrance oils or essential oils. Depending on how much FO you use (I like mine to be highly fragranced) it will start binding the dry ingredients together.

Now is time to add your butters and coconut oils. I like to crumble my cocoa butter and grate my Shea and mango butter. It helps to mix better and distribute evenly. Work it into the mixture like you would when making breadcrumbs. The heat from your hands will melt the butters. You will get the damp sand effect or very close by now. Check it by picking some with your hand and squeeze it by making a fist. Does it stay together? If yes, it’s ready to mould. If no, that’s ok, just add a little sweet almond oil until you get the right consistency.

Now mould your butter bombs. I use plastic round moulds. Sprinkle some Jasmine flowers in one side. Pack that side first. I press this side down quite firmly and overfill slightly. Pack the other side quite loosely. Then press together ensuring the moulds meet evenly. Lift the side with flowers off first. Whilst the other half is still in the mould I just wipe my finger around the edge to get rid of any excess. Un mould carefully and leave to set.

This method always gives me consistent results. I never have bath bombs that crumble, don’t set and harden. They never crack.

Once you have perfected the recipe you can get as creative as you like. I love making a plain white bath bomb with a surprise colour embed. Galaxy bombs, Glitter bombs, Aromatherapy bombs. You can make them all. The world is your oyster.

Hmm, an Oyster Bath Bomb with a pearl inside and a gentle shimmer of pearl coloured or gold mica powder…. 


Remember me?

I set up my blog but have been too busy to write on it. So this year, I’m writing a post every week. I never seem to run out of things to talk about, funnily enough!

I’ve had an exciting few months. I’ve collaborated with a male grooming company and am making face and beard soaps for them. I will write a separate post telling you about that and where to buy them.

I’ve been busy launching my Luxury Scented Candle range. They are quickly becoming my best selling products.

This year, I’m going to combine the best of my soaps, bath bombs and candles, in a range called Scandle.  Aphrodisiac  Essential oils in bath and body products with the romantic flicker of a beautiful candle and a massage bar for… Did I say massage bar? I meant lotion bar. Didn’t I?  Oh you know!

 Scandle will launch in time for Valentine’s Day. I’m putting some fun, sexy soaps in there too. I won’t be posting pictures here, as they are X rated and we are keeping it clean! Message me privately for more on those. 

I recently discovered that many, if not most, people, have no idea how to burn a candle correctly. It’s not as simple as just lighting and enjoying it. So that’s what I’m writing about today.

Candle burning, the right way.

Did you know that wax has a memory?  The first burn of your candle determines how your candle will behave for the life of it. 

Recommended burn time for your first burn is approximately 4 hours. It’s important that you melt the whole top of the candle. If you don’t then the melt pool from your first burn will be the size of the melt pool on each subsequent burn. So if you have a small melt pool, you will have a candle that burns badly and tunnels. Chances are that your wick will get buried and bye bye expensive candle, it was nice knowing you. You should only light your candle if you know you will keep it lit long enough to melt the whole top every time but the first time is the most important.

Wick trimming is another must. There are candles available with what’s known as self trimming wicks but always check that your wick is no longer than an 1/8 inch. Once your candle is cooled, or before you light it, give a little trim. Yes, you can buy specially designed wick trimmers for this, but a sharp pair of scissors serve just as well.

Providing you follow those simple steps, your candle should burn down nice and evenly, giving many hours of scented delight.

last, but certainly not least. Even the most perfectly made and expertly burnt candle will have a little remaining wax at the bottom. I hate waste, don’t you? Fear not. You needn’t waste even the smallest amount of wax. 

The answer is a wax warmer/oil burner. You can pick one up for as little as £1. Scoop out the remaining wax and melt it on top of your oil burner. Generally, the scent released from a burner is considerably stronger than from the candle itself.  I don’t know about you but I usually prefer to light my candles in the evening. I feel like it’s a waste during the day time. So, an oil burner is a great alternative during the day. I always have a wax melt on the go.  So no matter what time of day you walk into my house, it smells beautiful. 

So, I’ve dipped my toe back in the blogosphere with this post. As promised, I will be sure to post again in the week. If there are any tutorials you would like me to do, just give me a shout. I learnt so much from others when I first started soaping that I am more than happy to share my knowledge too.

If you want to learn how to split the atom, go ask someone else. If it’s about soaping methods, bath bombs, lotions, candles and melts, I’m your woman! 

Wishing you all a fantastic 2017. 

Massage Bars

I called in to see my friend the other day. In my hand I had a gift, in the form of a little heart shaped Massage Bar. 

Usually she likes me bringing her little gifts. Who wouldn’t? But not this day. 

Her eyes widened, her head shaking and she’s making all these weird facial expressions. She was gesturing silently, frantically pointing at her husband. He was sitting at the kitchen table reading the paper, oblivious to the carrying on out of the crazy woman behind him.

When we were alone, I finally understood.

Kelley! Why would you give me a massage bar? Now he’s going to expect me to put on lingerie and give him ….a massage! Or worse. He might want to give me a massage and he’s awful at it. I would rather be water boarded! 

Aha! So now I am wondering just how many people think that these delightful little bars of cocoa and shea butter are intended as foreplay? 

Sure, you can use to massage your partner but even then, it doesn’t have to be sexual in nature. 

My guy has always got an itchy back. I’m sick of, left a bit. Right a bit. No up, down. Oh that’s the spot. Or I have to watch him with his back against the corner of a wall doing a Baloo impression. So I ask you, is a massage really such a bad idea? 

I think not.

Just for the sake of clarity, I think I’m going to rename them. We shall call them lotion bars from this day forward. 

You see that cute, inoffensive  little Bee? It’s been causing certain friends of mine to go into a panic and worry that they will have to shave their legs this month after all. 

That will never do.

So ladies. Let me introduce you to the Lotion Bar. It’s a solo affair. Unless you are actually  feeling amorous. 

Then you can light a Love Spell Massage Candle. 

With the aphrodisiac oils, it’s a shame to waste it. 

The upside is that he probably won’t even notice that you haven’t shaved this month.

Black Magic. The black bath bomb

 So, I decided to do a gothic range of Bath Bombs.

There aren’t many companies who make them, especially in the UK. Those that do seem to charge very high prices. I guess they are worth whatever people are willing to pay for them. I charge what I believe is fair. Which is exactly the same price as my Butter Bombs. Although I use a lot more colour, I don’t use as much butter or oil. This is because the oils would make it cling to your skin. So it evens itself out in production costs. Yes, it was tricky to get the right amount of colour to make the water jet black. It took trial and error with various types of dyes. Nobody wants to have a permanent black ring around their bath! TIP: DO NOT USE PIGMENT TO COLOUR BATH BOMBS! They do stain and it was no fun cleaning the bath. Oops. But I got there and this is the result.

Fabulous citrus scented, black glittery bath time!

I’m going to tell you a secret. I haven’t bathed in one. Nope, not my thing. Not one little bit. I like my bath water to be pink or clear, turquoise or lilac but not black! Or even red, like this one.

Virgins Blood Bath Bomb 

This one was fun to see. I love the rose petals that come out from the centre of the bomb. Did I bathe in it? Nope. I emptied the bath and popped in my Jasmine and Indian Poppy Butter Bomb. The Jasmine and Poppy Scent is special to me. It is a beautiful blend of exotic scents which is intoxicating. However, I made this blend with more than the scent in mind. Yasmin is my daughters name and means Jasmine. I’m known as Kelley which is my middle name. My first name is Greek and is… actually, Im not quite ready to share that yet. Its Poppy for short. So when I mixed those 2 fragrances, it was for sentimental reasons. To create a scent for me and my daughter. It just so happens that it’s a wonderful combination. Who knew?!

This is me with Yasmin & Luke, my son. A few years ago.

.Anyway, back to the Black Magic Bath Bombs. They come in Black, Red, Orange (Jupiter) and Galaxy. I don’t keep a stock of Bath Bombs, I make them to order. I find they lose some of their fragrance if stored for even a week and I only send out fresh products. So I’m pretty flexible with fragrance choices. The most popular is my Citrus Punch blend which is made using only essential oils. I use oxides as my colourants, giving an all natural product. But you can choose from any of my fragrances or even choose your own fragrance combination. If I don’t think it will work, I will advise you but the customer is always right, except when you’re wrong!

You know how Starbucks advertise that coffee is personal? What can be more personal than Bath time?

If you dare, bathe in Virgins Blood! Or if you are like me and prefer pretty pastels you can always save it for Halloween.

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Butter Bombs

So I have finally taken the leap and am writing my first ever blog post. I don’t mind telling you that it’s a little bit scary. Especially for a technophobe like me! 

My About page tells how and why I started making soaps. I can talk about soaps all day. Often, I do talk about soaps all day. Well that’s not strictly true. I also talk about Bath Bombs and Massage Bars and… well you get the idea. 

In this, my first post. I will tell you about Butter Bombs. 

What is a Butter Bomb? 

The reason I call them Butter Bombs rather than Bath Bombs is because I don’t make regular Bath Bombs. A regular Bath Bomb is made with citric acid, bicarbonate of soda, a little cornstarch and the wet ingredients vary but most often include witch hazel, alcohol or/and water. 

The problem with water and other none oil ingredients is that it can set the fizzing reaction off in your mixture. This can make for a disappointing flop when it comes to using the finished Bath Bombs.

So, to combat that little problem, I decided to not use any wet ingredients other than oils and butters. The wet ingredients in my Butter Bombs are Essential Oils (or fragrance oils, depending on the desired scent ) Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter. I also use Aloe Butter in my Therapy Bombs. 

Not only does this ensure full fizz at bath time but it makes for a truly luxurious bathing experience. Your skin feels super moisturised afterwards. There is no need to add any additional creams or lotions. I don’t know about you, but I feel really relaxed after a bath. So being able to lounge around in my robe whilst the oils and butters soak in is my idea of heaven! 

So, this is the difference between a Butter Bomb and a regular Bath Bomb. 

There’s nobody yet who has used my Butter Bombs that haven’t commented on how lovely their skin feels afterwards. 

Just be careful that you don’t slip!